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Island Brother's Sauce Company seeks to find the finest, best quality ingredients available in the market. We care for all of our customers, and maintain strictest quality standards. Food brings us all together, and we want everyone to experience this feeling of togetherness over our delicious Catering, Sauces, Spices and Jerky. Contact us today for your BBQ Catering needs!!


Who We Are

Island Brother's Sauce Company was born  May 2019 by Whit Music, Ben Knieff and Michelle Scott.

With Ben's culinary background and Whit's creativity and their combined talent it made it easy for Michelle to jump on board and help these boys get the word out. 

The three of us are usually just hangin' out creating new flavors and planning our next event when we are not working our full time jobs. We are getting things done and making our dreams come True!

So far we are offering-

Island Brother's BBQ. Catering

Music in 'Yo Mouth Slappin' Sauce

Rollin' Smoke Beef Jerky

Swindle Sauce- Our newest hot by Chef Richard Bryson.

We will be adding a spice/rub lineup in the future as well as Fish Fry's. We have linked up with Amelia Bow&Gig Charters to offer the freshest fish off the coast of Fernandina! Stay tuned!


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